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Hi! I'm Marie!

I get you because I've totally been in your shoes!

A lot of you may have been following me, but perhaps don't know my story. I've been in the beauty industry for over 20 years! Became a certified Aesthetician in the state of Arizona in 2004 and shortly thereafter obtained my laser certification as well. I have spent most of my career working in Plastic Surgery offices and have built aesthetic practices within two of these offices. Building up skincare practices from the ground up and attracting new clients is kinda what I do best! (well aside from fixing skin ;)

As you can probably tell I am a very result-driven individual and, to put it lightly, I don't mess around. lol! But seriously, there's a method to everything, and social media marketing is no different. 

After my daughter my born in 2011 I took some time away from my career.  Went back to work part-time but was primarily focused on my being a mom. In 2017 I found myself having to kickstart my career again. Chloe was getting older and I had just ended a relationship that left me pretty defeated. But worry not! That sure wasn't going to stop me! 

But things had changed. The old email marketing approach just wasn't going to cut it. With everyone being spammed with hundreds of emails a day that was a dead end. I'd heard whispers of Instagram and social media being the new way to advertise. I was hesitant at first because honestly not many others in my industry were using social media to reach existing and potential new clients. But with email and print ad marketing on the way out I knew this was the answer. Keep in mind, at this point, I knew NOTHING about Instagram. Like seriously NOTHING. I had set up a personal account with maybe 10 followers. I was literally starting from scratch. 

I dedicated the next year of my life to learning everything I could about social media. How, when, what to post. Hashtags to use, giveaways to do, collabs to help grow. I read countless articles and instructional videos. I quickly reached over 100K followers and my schedule at work was quickly filling up. I tripled my business in less than two years simply by using Instagram for marketing purposes. I couldn't believe the reach I had and how positively it was impacting my business. Over the next 3 years, I worked tirelessly to perfect everything I had learned and I am now sharing it all with you!


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